ARTIST PAULETTE LONGPaulette Long is a San Francisco-based artist whose frequent travels through Europe and Asia have inspired her unique blend of figurative and abstract art. Her interest in oil painting is rooted in the Italian Renaissance and her vivid colors and brushstrokes create layered and textured surfaces that reflect nature, landscape and architecture.

Growing up in the Midwest, she was introduced to the art of Fra Angelico, Caravaggio and Botticelli at the Cleveland Museum of Art where she later studied painting. Paulette graduated from Case-Western University in Ohio and moved to Northern California, where she attended graduate classes at the San Francisco Art Institute. She also studied privately in Rome with Ennio Tirabassi, a conservator of the work of Caravaggio and of the Etruscan Tombs of Cerveteri. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art presented her solo exhibition at their Artist’s Gallery in 2002 and her work has been shown at numerous galleries in the United States and Italy.